Sales Process Evaluation

Sales Evaluation Overview

The purpose of the sales evaluation is to provide the Company with a brief but comprehensive overview of the Company’s sales process, the sales team and to also investigate the challenges being faced by the Company in the market.

The evaluation will be executed and completed by Fador Global Consulting Group and will be completed in 2-3 weeks’ time. Upon completion of the evaluation the client will receive a detailed overview of the observations, findings, and recommendations.

Our Process

  • Review and advise on sales compensation plans, pipeline management, and forecasting tools to develop smarter approaches, boosting team member engagement and productivity throughout all phases of the sales cycle
  • Identify operational issues hampering progress and expansion, overcoming these pitfalls with best-practice sales processes, methodologies, and metrics
  • Establish a consistent and repeatable sales process, accurately defining the selling culture while maximizing performance
  • Revamping your company’s message and value positioning while maintaining a finger on the pulse of customer experience

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