About Us

About Us

Fador Global Resources (FGR) is led by Bruce Fador and who is focused on revenue acceleration and profit growth. Bruce’s unique perspective comes from his ability to view the world through a sales lens, which results in helping companies get “unstuck” and power up  their growth.  FGR’s best clients are small to mid-sized companies and businesses who either seek to refine their go-to-market strategies or need help expanding and achieving that next level of success.  Bruce works with founders, CEO’s investors and board members and applies his experience, network and talent to the task. 

Our Mission & Core Values

Regardless of your business’s size and tenure, whether you’re kickstarting a start-up or manage a deep-rooted global-scale company, our Fador Global mission is a three-step promise:

The Learning Phase

The FGCG journey begins with a standard observation, learning, and research phase. Our team delves deep to discover more about your business and its people, processes, and challenges straining success and growth.

The Action Phase

With a whirlwind of insight, our team shifts toward an analytical approach, charting and laying out our world-class experts’ recommendations. We develop an action plan for each area where your business struggles and carries growth potential.

The Maintenance Phase

After implementing our advice, maintaining a partnership with our firm can guarantee steady, long-term success when markets inevitably change. Our high-energy, enthusiastic, and optimistic vision approach revive your team’s morale as you revel in the numbers.

Why Businesses Choose Fador Global

No two businesses, leadership styles, or products are exactly the same. However, many of our past clients share the same ideologies, explaining why they hired our firm.

  • The sales process feels old or outdated, desperately needing a more energized and revitalized approach
  • Competitors turning to innovative marketing and PR techniques to reach more customers and prospects, swiping sales Investors and board members craving a “shot of adrenalin” for a few lagging companies in their portfolios
  • A mission to target new market segments or reposition products, data, or services to reach a broader end-user base
  • An unfulfilled desire to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships while expanding growth

Let’s Grow Your Business Now

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