In-House Advisory Services

In-House Advisory Services Overview

The In-House Advisory Service is a focused engagement with a client Company that can be done virtually or on premises.

With this service, a senior member of the Fador Global team will dedicate a certain amount of time each week or each month with the client. The Objectives and activities will be agreed upon in advance of the engagement.

The objective is to provide the client, usually a senior executive such as the CEO or the CRO with one-on-one coaching and support to provide advice and solutions on issues facing the Company or the executive. During the engagement, the member of the Fador Global team will be 100% dedicated to the Company and the executive.

The In-House service is most effective with a minimum commitment of at least 1 day per week or month and is billed accordingly with an agreed upon per diem rate or if more time is requested, a retainer based fee can be negotiated.

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