How Well Do You Know Your Current and Future Customers?

One of the biggest mistakes your company can make is assuming you understand your customers. Businesses, especially outward bound sales-based businesses (isn't that all businesses today?), sometimes assume (mistakenly so) that once they have profiled their customers, that profile doesn’t change. This mistake can lead to companies guessing what might work for all of their prospects rather than making informed decisions based on critical data. 

The better you understand your customers (and their habits and preferences), the more successful you will be when developing products and services to best suit their needs. When you center your business around serving your customers, from the development process to the marketing process, the more likely you are to connect with your audience and make a sale. 

So, how do you get to know your customers? How do you put together an accurate and well-rounded customer profile with all the available insights? We’ll walk you through it. 

Just how well do you know your customers?

To build a real-time customer profile with accurate insights, it’s important to integrate data from a number of different sources. By conducting thorough research, this will give you a better understanding of your current and prospective customers. You’re simply wasting your time without having done the research to inform your sales strategy. Here are some key aspects of data collection: 

  • Use different sources, do your research, read white papers, and use all the available tools you can find.
  • Collect and aggregate your data in one place
  • Ask questions and LISTEN! Not every call should be a sales call where you are pitching your product or service

Here some questions to ask yourself when going through the process: 

  • Who is your current client? 
  • Do you understand what these people need from your business and how you can benefit them if they chose your product or service?  Is it helping them being more efficient, save money or something else? 
  • What can your company do to better serve their needs?
  • What are the words they use in describing their problem or need?
  • How do you relate to them? Is it best to try to be a trusted advisor they can rely on for honest solutions?  
  • How can you have a memorable conversation with them? 
  • How satisfied are your customers with your products or services?
  • What value do you provide to your customers?
  • Why do your clients choose you over your competition? 

Imagine what you can do when you know your customers

It’s time for your team to evolve with the industry and the needs of your clients. Sound overwhelming? We can help you develop a more accurate and complete profile of your customers and prospective customers, or refresh your outdated customer profile. 

When you gather all this information, you’ll be able to take the next step: identifying the best ways for your team to connect with your customers, assess the likelihood that customers will churn, and target new prospective customers through marketing. 

If your company wants to revamp your sales process and customize your customer experience, Fador Global can help. We can help your sales team better identify your customers from a variety of sources, which may lead to better understanding your customers and solving their problems - instead of just pushing products or services in front of them and hoping for a response. 

Remember: People don’t buy from companies. They buy them from people. So, treat your customers like real people -- get to know them before you ask them to buy what you’re selling!

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